Lyft Driver Goes Viral Discussing Sexual Assault Awareness

Tro’juan Henderson, a 28-year-old Lyft Driver, went viral explaining why he declined driving an highly intoxicated woman home.

According to Henderson, two friends called their inebriated friend a Lyft. When he arrived, the friends brought her out and tried to give Henderson the keys to her house asking him to get her home safely.

He didn’t feel comfortable in the situation and asked the ladies if they’d ride along to drop off their friend, but they declined. He then offered them a discount; however, they still declined his offers, so he refused to take their friend home. Check out his explanatory video below:

Henderson believes the women were putting their friend in a bad situation (he’s right), and he also wanted to protect himself from anything that could potentially go wrong. 

He believes we should live in a world where men can hold themselves accountable and not follow, sexual harass or rape women; nevertheless, he realizes we aren’t in that perfect world. In his video he encourages women and men to take safety precautions to protect their friends. He warns people to not expose their friends to situations where they can be sexually harassed or raped (and he’s not victim-blaming).

Everything he said is great and wise advice. Tro’juan Henderson seems like a great human being *gives round of applause*. It doesn’t seem like this is the last we’ll hear of him. 

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