La’Porsha Renae Is Going to the Finale

YES! YES! & YES! La’Porsha Renae has made it to the final round of American Idol! And she is so deserving of the spot. La’Porsha is in the Top 3 with the talented Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni. Next week the last American Idol will be crowned, and while I want it to be La’Porsha till the fat lady sings, social media makes it look like it’s anybodies game.

La’Porsha’s last three performances were perfection. I feel like she can’t do any wrong. Week after week she gets on stage and slays. La’Porsha isn’t just talented. La’Porsha is gifted.

La'Porsha isn't just talented. La'Porsha has a gift. Click to Tweet

Her performance of “Glory” was amazing. She definitely made John Legend and Common proud. Check it out below:


The vocal beast also quickly slayed the critically-acclaimed song “Hello” by Adele. Check it out below:


The performance was so smooth. Her lower register is so good. She showed off a sickening range in that song. She also displayed great control which we already know she had. La’Porsha also sung “Stay With Me” by Lorraine Ellison. It was my favorite performance of the night! After the song it was revealed that she didn’t like the song, but that didn’t stop me from throwing my shoe at my computer. SING. The way she annihilated a song she didn’t like at all is crazy. Man. She makes no sense. Check it out below:

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