Can We Crown La’Porsha The Last American Idol Already?

Photograph: Courtesy of American Idol

That daggon La’Porsha Renae is something special, ‘ya hear me?’ Let me apologize in advance. You can’t expect proper English when you talking about someone like this saaaanging girl right here. I can’t count on my hands how many times I screamed “Yaaaaasss” and wanted to throw my shoe at my computer watching her deconstruct the song Rihanna built with simplicity. This girl is the TRUTH!

Yesterday on American Idol, La’Porsha graced the stage and covered (or better yet converted) Rihanna’s critically-acclaimed song Diamond. There are no words to describe this young woman’s talented. She even had the original Idol do her own version of shouting (lol). I mean her vocal chords were stitched by God, anointed by Jesus, and instructed by the Holy Spirit, because she is everything. In the South we’d say, “Saaaang Heffa!” So please do yourself a favor and watch amazingness unfold as La’Porsha operates in her calling below:

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