Kim Burrell Slays “Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee”

Screenshot: Sunday Best's FB
Screenshot: Sunday Best’s FB

We all know that Kim Burrell is one singing chile (another way to say child). She has always and will most likely always sing face (sing really good). She recently performed her unique version of “Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee” on Sunday Best. She has the heart of true worshipper. Her music connects so well with people because she writes away her pain.

The Queen of runs started off telling the crowd about some of her latest dark times in her life, but reminding them that she knew who to turn too. In mid-song she¬†ministered about losing family members and going through a divorce. It’s so inspirational, and you have to take the time to watch. Check out her incredible performance below: SANG HEFFA! (a southern term that equates to saying you are singing really good)

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