Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Revolutionary Grammy Performance

Kendrick Grammys

Kendrick Lamar just took the Grammy stage for a revolutionary and unforgettable performance. Kendrick brought the Black Lives Matter movement face to face with America once again. All week people have been talking about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance that paid tribute to Black Panther Party and Malcolm X, but Kendrick just took it to another level with his conscious performance.

“You Mad At Beyoncé… Or Nah?”

Kendrick walked out on the stage in chains. The imagery was to much to handle before he opened his mouth and sounded off. He didn’t hold back anything. Kendrick rapped, “You never liked us anyway.” Wow.

It’s obvious that this performance is going to piss off some people, but let me offer a word of advice. If it pisses you off, you’re someone he’s trying to get to understand the movement. Relive the epic performance below:

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