Karlton Clay Shares Details About His Victory

I recently had the chance to chat with the creative genius behind Victory Productions, Karlton Clay. Clay has produced numerous award winning webseries, and he’s incredibly talented. Check out our conversation below:

Hi Karlton! It’s nice to be chatting with you! You’re based in Augusta right?

Karlton Clay: Yes. I’m based in Augusta.

So what is it like finding talent in your city?

Karlton Clay: We actually have a lot of great talent here in Augusta, GA. A lot of people want to get into acting, writing and producing. We have all types of art forms in Augusta. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of vehicles for people to express their talents or their gifts. That’s one of the main reasons why I have Victory Productions based in Augusta. Not only was I born and raised in Augusta, but I know there’s a lot of people with talent that just need an avenue to express it. I’m one of the few trying to open doors for people. That way people can have that opportunity to express themselves. As I’m moving forward and trying to expand my career, I hope to bring those talents along with me.

Wow. Pretty inspiring. You have a lot of amazing web-series out right now.  So let’s talk about Karma. Is Karma over?

Karlton Clay: Karma is over (laughs)

(laughs) Oh no. I see so many people commenting on your video saying, “Is this the last episode? Will there be more?” But it just wrapped up right?

Karlton Clay: Correct. With Karma, I actually released the episodes in a two week span. I released the first five the last week in March and the final five the first week in April. I kind of did a little Netflix thing, but I just broke it in half.

Cool. Lovers Lane is another hit show you have. Where is that show heading?

Karlton Clay: Lovers Lane is a special show to me. It was my first show that I did outside of Augusta. We shoot that in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was something I put together, because I had a group of people I wanted to work with in North Carolina. We all meet and shoot a season in two weeks. As far as what’s happening, there will be a season 5.


Karlton Clay: The ending of season 4 could’ve been considered a series finale because of the way I ended it.

Yeah. I ain’t gone lie. I’m not all the way caught up. I’m binge watching, but I stalked some of the YouTube comments so I could be aware of what happened. Now one of your characters is pregnant, but we don’t know who the father is?

Karlton Clay: Well, okay yeah. (laughs)


Karlton Clay: For those of you who’ve been watching, Cynthia and Malachi have been trying to have a baby, but they haven’t been able to get pregnant. They’ve been having a lot of problems, and some things have gone down in the last four seasons. At the very last scene we see that Cynthia is pregnant. And we see that it’s Malachi’s. Right now, the way it ended, Malachi is the father. There’s a lot of speculation that it isn’t Malachi’s, but right now Malachi is the father.

(laughs) Okay! So you were recently nominated for a bunch of awards. Tell me about the LA Web Fest awards. 

Kartlon Clay: I’m just actually getting back. LA Web Fest is the oldest web-series festival. It was founded by Michael Ajakwe. He’s been working in television for years. He wrote for Sister Sister and Eve’s show. He wanted to create a vehicle for independent content creators to be recognized for their work and meet others in the industry. I’m grateful to him for making this. He’s changed my life. This year we got 18 nominations. LA Web Fest does this thing where they partners with different festivals around the world. Every year they pick a show to send to another festival. And Karma got picked to be apart of the Rio Web Fest.


Karlton Clay: So we’ll be heading to Rio, Brazil, in November. 

That’s incredible. And for clarity purposes, the LA Web Fest isn’t just anything thrown together. Ajakwe and Sony Pictures put its on, so it’s legitimate. This is a legitimate award. There are legitimate people looking at the content you’re producing, the people in it, the work that’s going into it and honoring all of it. 

Karlton Clay: Right!

So what shows do you watch and get inspiration from?

Karlton Clay: Of course I’m a fan of OWN. If people follow me on social media, you know I want to work for Oprah’s network so bad. I love Greenleaf.


Karlton Clay: I love Queen Sugar


Karlton Clay: Even though I don’t watch Tyler Perry regularly, I admire his work. I love all of Shonda Rhimes’s show. 

What’s your all time favorite show?

Karlton Clay: The Cosby Show.

That’s a good choice. Now if you could give me 5 adjectives to describe you presently, what would they be?

Karlton Clay: Consistent, Loyal, Hard-working, Personable and I believe fun. I think people have fun working with me. I hope they do. (laughs)

L-O-L! It’s been great chatting with you.

Kartlon Clay: Yes. I truly enjoyed it.

Here’s a link to Clay’s YouTube page for Victory Productions. He’s definitely some one you should be watching out for.

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