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The superwoman pictured above is Sabrina Brown. Sabrina is currently a senior at Howard University. She recently launched her catering company, Joy Love Caterers. I was blessed with an invitation, and also had the opportunity to chat with the amazing chef. Check out the conversation below:

(Beginning of Interview)

Hey Sabrina!

Sabrina Brown: Hey!

So you launched your company?

Sabrina Brown: Yes it was amazing. We had such a great time. I’m really proud of it. It’s something I’m really proud of.

Now tell us, what is your company?

Sabrina Brown: Joy Love Caterers is a company that specializes in comfort food. Really just anything people would love to eat. Some people like soul food. Some people just like chicken wings. Whatever makes people happy. It also takes the nature of whatever your event is.

Right. I had that watermelon (Sabrina: It was good?), and it was so good.

Sabrina Brown: I’m glad. My grandfather taught me how to pick good watermelon.

Obviously you love cooking. It radiates. How did you fall in love?

Sabrina Brown: Well, from a young age, I’ve always loved cooking. At age 6 I got an easy bake oven, and it changed my world completely. I made brownies for my moms book club. They were so miniature, but I didn’t care. I was so happy. It’s something that’s always been fun for me. Cooking eventually became a release for me. I love that there are endless possibilities to combine ingredients to make something taste slightly different. It’s an art.

Who taught you the art of cooking?

Sabrina Brown: Everyone in my family can cook. Everybody has their own taste as well.

Wait, now you from the North, and you know people say that people from the North can’t cook.

Sabrina Brown: They do, but I can assure you that’s not true. There’s a lot of us that can cook.

When did you decide to launch your company.

Sabrina Brown: When I came to Howard, I knew that I would be happy cooking for the rest of my life. I didn’t know in what capacity, like rather a restaurant or a club, but I realized that there was no point in waiting till I was 30 to start my business.

True. Now, the launch was amazing. How did that all come together.

Sabrina Brown: Thank you. While helping a friend plan his birthday party, I came across The Loft at 600 F. They are the nicest and kindest people. The way that they accepted me and believed in what I was doing really meant a lot to me.

That’s amazing. Now the music was popping. Did you come up with the playlist?

Sabrina Brown: Yes, I did. I thought about all the songs I like to listen to when I’m getting ready to go to a party. That’s the music that makes you feel good, and makes you feel confident, and that’s how I wanted to feel at the tasting. I wanted to make sure I set up an atmosphere for myself where I would be comfortable doing what I know how to do.

I’ve never liked chicken salad before, and I was like woaaaah. How’d you come up with the menu?

Sabrina Brown: (Laughs) That is so good. I just thought about what I was best at making and variety.

When I tasted your meatball, it was what I’ve always imagined meatballs should taste like.

Sabrina Brown: Thank you. It’s a secret recipe

What are your posts thoughts:

Sabrina Brown: Sending thanking you notes. You can’t have people come out and help you and support you without saying thank you. I’m taking notes and criticism, you have to take criticism in order to improve. There’s always room for improvement. I’m getting my Instagram up, and my website is currently up and going.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In a restaurant? Catering across the nation?

Sabrina Brown: I want to continue growing. I’m not opposed to a restaurant or club. It depends on the time frame. I’m very passionate about all of it, but I have to look before I leap. You have to keep paying attention to see what I do.

Alright before you go, give me 5 adjectives that describe Joy Love Caterers.

Sabrina Brown: Classy, Classic, Personalized, Elegant, and Absolutely Delicious

(End Of Interview)

You can get your hungry fixed with Joy Love Caterers by visiting her website here: You can also follow the company on Instagram here: @JoyLoveCaterers.

Her food is good y’all, don’t miss out! It’s absolutely delicious.









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