Jesse Collins Shares Behind the Scenes Insight on His Success

Jesse Collins

Jesse Collins is one of the top producers in Hollywood. He currently produces television show like The Real Husbands of Hollywood and massive productions like The Bet Awards. Earliest this year he inked a new deal with BET, so it’s more than evident that there is no stopping him.

He recently visited Howard University to be apart of an education panel. I had the chance to chat with him afterwards on him being a pioneer in his field and found out a little more about what he does.

(Beginning of Interview)

You are considered a extraordinaire and pioneer in your field. How do you feel about the success you’ve accomplished thus far?

Jesse Collins: I think it’s good. We’re just getting started. We’ve got a lot a things we want to accomplish. We’re just trying to get stuff done and make some television that people won’t forget.

What are some of the productions you are working on now?

Jesse Collins: Right now we’re getting ready to do the Hip Hop Awards, the Soul Train Awards, Mint Condition, and the BET Honors. That’s what next up.

That’s exciting. Tell me, what are some the intricate details of what you do?

Jesse Collins: You know, the details of delivering a show from beginning to end. Dealing with talent, performance, hosts, presenters, the venue, and location… It’s kind of everything. Whatever we stick our hands in, we try to deliver the best show possible.

On stage you said you’re working for the next check. That’s the mentality. You always have to keep it going (Jesse Collins: Keep it going!). There is always more to accomplish. 

Jesse Collins: Right.

That’s definitely an amazing way to think. Before you go sir, my signature thing is asking people to list 5 adjectives that describe themselves as they are in the now. Can you give me 5?

Jesse Collins: Five adjectives to describe me? Okay wait, hold on. I have to remember what adjectives are (both of us: laughs). Okay: Dedicated,  Focused, Passionate, Humble, and Funny.

(Conclusion of Interview)

Now you know just a little more about the man who’s guiding hands is behind some of your favorite shows and award shows. Major shout out to amazing, talented Jesse Collins! Your time is greatly appreciated.

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