Jeannie Mai Says Why She’s Sticking With Miss USA

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai sat down with Entertainment Tonight to give them the exclusive on why she is still participating in the Miss USA pageant after Donald Trump’s racist remarks during his presidential campaign announcement.

“Support every single woman that is standing on that stage that understands what it’s like to be committed to getting to where they are right now. I’m no different from them,” Mai told Entertainment Tonight. “So if this one man is going to make these comments is going to stop you from representing your family and what you believe in? No, not for me at least.”

Mai has received a lot criticism for choosing to continue to participate in the pageant. She clarified that she is not supporting Donald Trump by supporting the women in the pageant. Some have said that she is in it just for the check, but Mai made it clear in this video that the notion isn’t true. She said that she will be donating all of her profit from this event to charity.

So if she’s not in for the money but simply for the girls, do you approve?

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