Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Having Children

Photograph: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

Co-host of the Emmy nominated “The Real” Jeannie Mai recently opened up about potentially having children. The 37-year-old said she was considering freezing her eggs to preserve the option of having children later. 

In the past it has come up that Jeannie’s husband Freddie adamantly wants children. That desire isn’t one that ever goes away; however, Jeannie isn’t so sure she wants the same. She wants to freeze her eggs just for the option. She still isn’t sure if she wants to have kids.

Jeannie revealed that she and her husband are going to counseling to discuss what freezing her eggs mean. Her co-host Tamar Braxton offered her advice. Tamar has also frozen her eggs otherwise known as going through IVF treatments. 

Jeannie seems to be heavily affected about what she should do. Personally, I believe Jeannie would make an amazing mother, but it’s ultimately her decision. Towards the end of the discussion  co-host Adrienne Bailon reminded Jeannie it’s okay if she goes through the IVF process and doesn’t want to have kids. 

It’s a very tricky situation. Kids are one of the things you can’t compromise on, but you always have to stay true to yourself. Check out the clip below:

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