Let’s Talk Jane The Virgin S2E20

Let’s talk about Jane the Virgin. First off let me say, I want Jane with Rafael, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, so all of us that aren’t #TeamMichael may have to move on. And am I the only one that really likes Petra. She was super aggy (aggravating) at first, but now she’s my favorite on the show.

This past Monday’s episode drove another wedge between Jane and Petra. Their friendship is a highlight on the show, but Petra’s twin sister, who is totally playing Petra, is continuing to be a problem. Petra has to do a better choice on deciding who she lets in her life. 

Everyone should have saw that problem with Rafael coming, but I didn’t see Michael figuring out the jig that soon. 

Rogelio and his writer seems to be steaming up while Xo is messing up again. Seriously, how many times are the writers going to make Xiomara backslide? 

Jane’s first mother day video was so special, but it was Anezka remarks to Petra that hit the heart strings. The episode seemed to be gearing us up for some major drama to occur before the season is over. Compared to last season, the drama has been relatively low, so hopefully it’s about to vamp up.

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