Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Impersonating Artists

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Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon had a blast on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon playing a game where each had to impersonate an artist singing whatever random song was chosen after they pressed the special button. It was hilarious. Two Words: Fun-ny (if you didn’t get that, you’ll get it soon).

Jamie Foxx had to impersonate Mick Jagger, John Legend, and lastly Jennifer Hudson. Jimmy Fallon impersonated Barry Gibb and Bruce Springsteen. The best impersonation was Jamie doing John Legend. He sounded good and was witty at the same time.

However, the absolute funniest thing was Jamie impersonating Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers“Doc Rivers has been hoarse since birth,” was one of the many hilarious comments from Jamie. I guess we won’t be talking about his rendition of the national anthem (lol), because the Grammy and Golden Globe award winning artist has reminded the world why he’s great. Check out the two men just having a great time below: (make sure to comment your favorite)


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