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NEWEST UPDATES: As I stated last night, major news networks have picked this story up, and the truth has come out. The Police are saying that Antonio Martin pulled a gun on them and in response a police officer fired 6 shots at him. There is a surveillance camera at the gas station, but the police are still looking to get footage from the dashboard of the cop car. Also, the officer who shot Martin was supposed to be wearing a body camera, but he did not have it on. Many major news networks are painting different stories because the main source is giving a slightly different story than the cops are. If he pulled a gun, there is no way to justify the action… But people on the scene are reporting a different story… Stay Updated


Major news networks have yet to pick up on this story, but if it stays a number one trend, the truth shall be out by morning!

Old Update: Now it is being reported that an ambulance never showed up. It is also being said that Antonio Martin’s body was on the ground for over 2 hours. #AntonioMartin is now the number 1 trend on twitter.


Old Update: Reports coming from the scene are saying that he was not dead immediately after being shot but that there was no medical care given resulting in the death from his wounds.


Old Update: Current reports are saying Mr. Martin recently turned 18 in September, he was unarmed, and that he was shot coming out of the gas station because he fit the profile of a suspect.


Tonight, a man, Antonio Martin, has died in Berkley, Missouri, which is right outside of St. Louis and is adjacent to Ferguson, Missouri. Present reports are saying he was shot by cops at a gas station. Currently, his body is still laying on the ground covered by a yellow tarp. I will keep you updated as this tragedy unfolds. We are still currently awaiting the full story. (In Disbelief)

On twitter, follow @Search4Swag for immediate up-to-date information from the scene.

Below are footages coming straight from the scene: (Raw and Powerful)





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