Inspiration from April Daniels (#ROWMDC)

Photo: @kissmyaggie
Photo: @kissmyaggie

Yesterday, April Daniels finished her first leg of her Rock Out With Me campaign in Washington D.C. at The Mecca (Howard University). The event featured an all star panel that included Khalilah Harris, Treiva Williams, Diann Valentine, Denyce Lawton, Arnita Johnson, and Mrs. Daniels moderated by the Entertainment and Lifestyle Director at Ebony Magazine, S. Tia Brown. It also honored the amazing songstress, Tamar Braxton.

The event was amazing, and each lady gave incredible advice; however, today I want to highlight something April said for #YourMorningInspiration. April spoke on her up-bringing and how it motivated her to accomplish her dreams. She also boldly spoke on her relationship with Christ. Below is an excerpt from what April said during the Rock Out With Me event. This is Your Morning Inspiration:

“God gave me the blueprint for my future. I was trying to work the blueprint without including God, and it wasn’t working. Then I started praying like my life depends on it and suddenly everything fell into place. It wasn’t working because I didn’t include him, but there’s not one day I woke up and he didn’t include me.”

But there’s not one day I woke up and he didn’t include me….. Amen Mrs. Daniels! That’s a word.

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