How To “Ratchetnize” Names

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Being “ratchet” is a continuing phenomenon, so we thought we’d have some fun and come up with 10 names to “ratchentize”.

10. Amanda = Ahmanduh

9. Trey = Trahye

8. Jaylon = Jaelawn

7. Mya = Myuh

6. Aaron =Airrun

5. Cindy = Sindee

4. Chris = Khres

3. Anita = Ahneetuh

2. Ciara = Seaahrah

1. Erica = Errorca

As you notice, the pronunciation is the same. It’s just a way to add a little bit of ratchetness to common names. If you’re having trouble picking a name, pick one of these. (Lol, please don’t do that to your child.)

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