Here’s How We Get a Girlfriends Movie

Girlfriends TV Show

We’ve been patient long enough. It’s time to get a Girlfriends movie!

Before the BET Awards, we wrote about how the award show would be an amazing platform for a surprise announcement about a Girlfriends movieGirlfriends was the hit show created by Mara Brock Akil starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks, Persia White and Reggie Hayes.

It was ground-breaking and literally changed The Game (get it?). The show went off the air halfway through it’s eighth season. If it had at least finished its last season, we would’ve seen Joan finally get married to Aaron, Lynn blow up from her music career (a real paying job), Maya and Darnell possibly adopt a baby, William and Monica have their baby, and the grand return of Toni Childs.

The movement for a Girlfriend Movie exists. It just needs a lot more attraction.

@GFTheMovie is on Instagram and Twitter. They are posting daily how to bring back the beloved show and could definitely use your follow.

There are millions of fans waiting for Girlfriends to come back on, but everyone is not playing their part. The Fans brought back The Game, and now the fans have to bring back Girlfriends! How do you do that: by tweeting @CBSTVStudios and shutting down the phone lines. The ball is in our court. We have the power to make a movie! We may even have the power to get a final season. We’ve done enough talking about. Now let’s make it happen!

I am a fan of , and I need closure. Give what she needs to make it happen! !”


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