HBO Offering 48-Hour Trial Period that Coincides with Lemonade

Tonight the highly-anticipated television special from Beyoncé is premiering. Lemonade is set to air on HBO this evening at 9pm EST. Beyoncé is about to go on her Formation tour with Dj Khaled, so it is safe to assume that new music will be coming tonight. 

Now if you were worried how you could watch the show, fret no more, because HBO is gifting everyone a 48 hour trial of HBO this weekend. Viewers who don’t have HBO can catch Lemonade, the 6th season premiere of Game of Thrones, and Conformation starring Kerry Washington.

According to The Wrap, those without cable can can get a 30-day free trial of HBO any time they want by signing up for HBO Now, which will cost $15 a month after the trial period ends.

If you don’t have cable and you’ve already use your 30-day trial, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TheTopTea to get updates on the program. But also, just go to a friends! Somebody around you is going to be tuning in tonight!

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