Grey’s Anatomy: The OG Shondaland Show

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Last night’s episode was great! For some of the fans, it reminded them why they fell in love with Grey’s. For others like me, it reminded us why we never fell out of love. April and Jackson stole the spotlight for best couple. It’s sad that one couple can’t have a normal birth, but it’s even more compelling when you find out that Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, wanted this storyline, not Shonda. Grey’s Anatomy might exaggerate things, but it definitely gives you real life.

And Meredith saying that she needs a person was probably the best line since “He’s not the sun, you are!”. Now I understand that Sandra Oh who played Cristina left the show, and that she has left for good, but can we get a once a season pop up like we had with Kate Walsh who played Addison. (Or at least dream about it…. Cristina really could carry a spin off….)

Japril’s baby’s disease is saddening, but two things last night’s episode didn’t touch was Mer’s new sister and Calzona. Will they revisit those story lines next week? Let’s hope so!

Tell me what you guys thought about the episode.

-B. Smith

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