What’s Next For Grey’s Anatomy: The Return of Katherine Heigl, Possible Spinoff

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Grey’s Anatomy has finished it’s emotional 11th season. It was the first season without the illustrious Cristina Yang and sadly the last season with the infamous Derek Shepherd. In the season of Meredith, Meredith Grey dealt with Cristina’s departure, Derek’s move to DC, an Ellis-Richard lovechild (her half sister Maggie), Derek’s death, and a surprise pregnancy (she successfully carried to term). Many longtime fans of the show would agree that the 11th season finale felt more like a series finale. Everybody’s story relatively came to a conclusion. When has Grey’s ever had an celebratory season finale? It was nice change. It seems like the conclusion of the season setup for season 12 to be a foundation for the show to continue for many more seasons (It also may have been a coverup if the show hadn’t been renewed, but it was). So what’s next for Grey’s? The biggest rumor is that Katherine Heigl may return as Izzie Stevens (rather she should return).

Izzie Greys WeddingIzzie Stevens was last seen on Grey’s Anatomy on season 6 episode 12. On screen Izzie left because Alex told her he deserved better, but off screen Katherine ended her contract early to be with her family and focus on her film career. Somewhere Katherine burned a bridge with Shonda, but Heigl has since buried the hatchet saying she’d love to return for a story arc. Sadly, as far we know, Shonda has not done the same, and it’s definitely time that she does. Katherine’s return to Grey’s Anatomy would be the most epic return (besides Cristina Yang’s). It’s exactly what the show needs at this time. And she needs to return to have one of her frozen babies hopefully weaving in a visit from Addison. This is the perfect type of surprising, twisty plot Grey’s needs.

Another thing that may possibly be in the works is a spin-off. Do any of you remember Shonda Rhimes 1 season show Off The Map?

Off The Map

Sadly the medical show didn’t catch the same train that Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice did, but Shonda may be getting another medical drama together under her sleeve. It seems like April Kepner is getting ready to carry her own show. Last we saw, April was deciding if she should return to the battlefield or stay with Jackson, and following April to a disaster-prone place is just the type of thing Shonda would do. If it was happening soon, we would most likely already know about it, but there are some signs, and you never know what may happen in Shondaland.

Grey’s Anatomy will be returning with brand new episodes this fall!




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