Grey’s Anatomy: Four People We Need To See At Derek’s Funeral

Derek Shepherd

Last night (04/23/15) we lost one of the original and most important characters ever on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Derek Shepherd portrayed by Patrick Dempsey. (a pause for you to mourn) Many fans are still in uproar of the injustice. Most are questioning why he had to die to exit the show. Poor Meredith! After 10 years, it seems like her happy ending was just snatched right from in front of her. There is so much to say about this tragedy, but I can’t help but think of the amazing opportunity presented here. Dr. Shepherd is going to buried, and it’s the perfect time to catch up with some old friends. Here are four people we hope to see return to Grey‘s for his funeral:

#4 – Preston Burke


Before Season 10, the last time we saw Preston Burke was back in season 3 after he left Cristina at their wedding. Last season we saw him return to offer Yang her dream position.

Burke and Derek had an interesting relationship. While they were pit against each other for the position of Chief of Surgery, they eventually became great pals, which was evident with Burke leaving Derek the task of informing Cristina of his departure. This would be an amazing moment for him to reunite with the rest of the cast.

#3 – Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery was Derek’s first wife. Even though their marriage didn’t end on the best terms, they were still there for each other and at times, friends.

Addison didn’t disappear when she left Seattle like Burke. She went and joined a practice in the beautiful state of California starring in Grey‘s only spinoff, Private Practice. The last moments we saw Addison, she was finally getting the love of her life and embarking on motherhood; however, there is no way this death won’t shake her. She needs to come tell Derek goodbye, again.

#2 – Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens


I think we call agree that it is time for Shonda Rhimes and Katherine Heigl to bury the hatchet for the sake of the show. Izzie’s return is one of the most anticipated returns yet. She’s the only Original Character alive where we don’t know what’s happening in her life. Regardless of how she acted off camera, you cannot deny that she was a vital character. All fans can agree that her and George both coding in the season 5 finale is one of the best, if not the best, scenes of the entire series. IT’S TIME SHONDA!

It’s also perfect timing. If Izzie would return to help one of her old high school teachers after she ran away, then there is no reason she wouldn’t come back to say goodbye to the man that saved her life and to be there for Mer.

#1 – Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang

And last but certainly not least, we need to see Cristina Yang. I know it’s only been one season, but the show has not been the same. We should all be able to agree that Cristina’s character was just as important as Meredith’s to Grey’s. Meredith needs her person, and there is no reason Cristina shouldn’t be at the funeral.

She needs to be there for Meredith, but to also say goodbye to her good friend. Cristina and Derek had a way of saving each other’s life throughout the series on more than one occasion. Cristina’s character would come say goodbye.

Shonda Rhimes, we expect to see at least one of these characters on next week’s episode and hopefully all.

Sadly at this time, there are no reports of any of these characters returning, but last night taught us to expect the unexpected in Shondaland.

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