Grey’s Anatomy is Gearing Up to be ABC’s #1 Show

Photograph: Official Grey’s Anatomy Facebook Page

Grey’s Anatomy won’t make it another year.” “Grey’s Anatomy is done.” “The show can’t survive without Derek.” Well it seems like all the naysayers were wrong, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Grey’s Anatomy is poised to become ABC’s Top-Rated show in it’s 12th season.  The Shondaland hit also ranks among the top five dramas on all of broadcast.

“The audience truly identifies with Ellen Pompeo,” Rhimes tells THR. “We are following this woman’s journey and the journey of all these people with her. It’s not about a lot of tricks; it’s about watching people evolve. We were starting over again. I felt such an extreme sense of nostalgia. So to get to go back and use it (older scenes) for the purposes we were using it for was really wonderful — and it’s a reminder for people with what they may have missed.”

Many fans thought the show couldn’t go on without the talented Cristina Yang portrayed by Sandra Oh. Even more people thought the show was done after Patrick Dempsey, who portrayed Derek Shepherd, abruptly left the show. And now Grey’s Anatomy is the number 2 returning broadcast drama in the demo year-over-year coming right behind Empire.

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