Full Analysis on Spring Valley High School Incident

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Multiple videos have surfaced of a young Black female being slung out of her chair and then aggressively arrested at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina by school officer Ben Fields. In a matter of hours, the video went viral and has been the topic of many conversations. Was he to aggressive? Did she deserve this treatment because she was resisting? Did he handle it correctly? Was this about race? Watch a 15 second clip of the altercation below and lock in your immediate feelings.

What did you see? What did you feel? Do you see a young Black female being thrown around as if her life didn’t matter by a White police officer? Do you just see a child being aggressively handled by someone who is meant to protect her? Or do you see a disrespectful child being controlled?  The fact that she’s Black and he’s White doesn’t make the situation any better due to all of the racially motivated things currently occurring in the United States of America. But that is an opinion, the fact is that this shouldn’t happen to any child.

YES. She should’ve listened to her teacher. YES. She should’ve responded to the cops request. BUT there is no reason that this excessive force was used. To add to that, a student in the classroom has said that she didn’t do anything, and he’s still trying to figure out why it occurred. 





Everyone is being told that she was extremely disruptive, but the two sides are not adding up. No one’s word is instantly believable anymore.

Social media users are suggesting if this was a young a white female, and a Black police officer flipping her and dragging her all over the classroom, America would want him hanged.

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Blogger extraordinaire Kat Blaque would seemingly agree with the aforementioned social media users. She shared these words on her page:

“I love how white people are pretending that they’d be totally ok with their kid getting dragged across a classroom by a cop. I’m sorry but if Jaden or Tanner or Ashlynne were treated the same exact way you KNOW we wouldn’t hear the end of it. You’d sue the school and suddenly the “liberal” media would be your friend. Stop.White children have the benefit of being assumed innocent. Black children have to constantly prove that they aren’t guilty.”

A lot of people share the sentiment that this shouldn’t have happened; however, all of the world is not on one accord. Reporter Don Lemon recently went back and forth with Sunny Hustin while defending the actions of the police officer. Check out a clip below: (note the tweet attached to the video)


It’s not just Don Lemon, Raven-Symoné has also stirred up controversy in her statements about the incident. Check out the clip below:

Many Social Media users have responded to Raven’s comment with hate, but it is important to internalize what she is saying. She called the officer’s action ridiculous, but she also pointed out the reason the cop was “allegedly” called in the first place. Seeing her recent controversy, it may have been best to not express her opinions on the view, but she had a valid point (whether it was the time to make or not).If something did occur where the girl did something wrong, she should’ve complied, but her not complying should have never resulted in this. NEVER. NO EXC– USES.

As of now, Officer Ben Fields has been fired. He was originally suspended without pay because that’s the norm for everyone right?

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The situation has entered the race debate of America, and will stay there as the situation continues to play out. It’s a shame that these type of things continue to happen. But will they ever even stop? 

SN: What type of teacher would allow this to happen to their student? Why was this officer employed at a school and given rewards when he had multiple documented incidents with being “too aggressive?” Why is anyone defending his actions? I will continue to explore these questions and more in follow up pieces.

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