#FreeDeray: Activist Deray McKesson and 30+ Arrested in Baton Rouge During Protest

Deray McKesson, a nationally known activist, was arrested in Baton Rouge during a peaceful protest. McKesson happened to be on periscope during his arrest. He was warned by officers to stay out the road, but his footage shows he was never across the white line.

Deray McKesson was in Baton Rouge showing support and joining those who were protesting the shooting of Alton Sterling. Alton Sterling was shot and killed by two police officers while being pinned down. Originally there was no footage, but a video recorded by an onlooker soon spread across the web. Since the initial video, more videos have surfaced clearly showing the officers in the wrong.

Let’s Talk About the BRPD Murdering Alton Sterling

Before McKesson was arrested, he was detailing how the Baton Rouge Police had been aggressive (must be cut from the same cloth). He explained how they had been provoking protestors all day long. Right before McKesson was arrested, his periscope caught others being arrested. It is being reported that over 30 people have been arrested in Baton Rouge tonight for exercising their right to protest.

It’s pretty clear that these officers had no reason to arrest Deray, but they will still have their jobs tomorrow. Now it appears that they are lying about what is actually occurring. Watch this officer’s statement. Deray Mckesson’s footage doesn’t line up with what he’s saying:

As of now, Deray McKesson and the other protestors arrested are still in custody.


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