Empire Recap S2E1: They’re Back

Let the church say amen! Empire has finally returned to our screen with its second season premiere. The premiere wasn’t as flashy as other episodes, but it was everything that Empire needed to deliver to continue its record breaking momentum. So let’s get right into this recap.

First off, who in the heck was this Jamal? What happened to the respectable young man we met last season that was almost someone baby daddy. Now he walking around yanking back people necks to kiss them, being rude, and trying to lose his life by yelling at Cookie. He know good and well the streets ain’t made for everybody. He need to get right back on that sidewalk (haha).

Anyways, this episode was quite funny. They threw shade at so many people. Don Lemon, why would you go on the show only to be shaded (lmbo)? But that shade they threw at Donnie McClurkin though 

It seems that even if Lucious and Cookie hate each other, they know how to handle business. Frankie thought the inmates were going to kill Lucious, but Lucious hit him with that *b*tch where?*

I can’t be the only that’s baffled at the fact that Jamal is on Lucious’ side and not Cookie’s. Lucious still don’t like Jamal. He think he’s running stuff, but he’s getting played. Watch.

Overall it was a good start to the season. In reality, the episode ended a lot of the first season’s issues. Cookie no longer has to look over her shoulder. The man she snitched on is dead. We know Lucious is going to get out of jail from previews. He doesn’t have ALS anymore. It’s a fresh slate to the epic show. There is definitely a lot to look forward too!

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