Drake Actually Sent Charlamagne Bottles

The Breakfast Club's Instagram
The Breakfast Club’s Instagram

Drake is a fool, and we love it. Today he released his second Meek Mill diss, a freestyle titled “Back To Back.” On the track Drake rapped, “You gone make go out of my f*ckin way, you gone make me buy bottles for Charlamagne.” And he actually bought bottles for Charlamagne.

Today the Breakfast Club posted on their Instagram the official bottles that Drake sent Charlamagne. He sent a note attached saying, “Let’s be friends, Aubrey Graham (Drake’s real name).” And from the video, it appears that Charlamagne likes the gesture.

Now everyone is still waiting on Meek Mill to “clapback.” After 2 disses, and 2 hilarious trends, Meek has finally put out word on his response.

We still believe Drake is baiting Meek Mill, but only time will tell. The ball has been in your court for four days Meek, time to take your shot.

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