Diamond Reynolds and Her Lawyer Appear on Good Morning America

Diamond Reynolds, also known as Lavish Reynolds, and her lawyer Larry Rogers appeared on Good Morning America today. Reynolds fiancé Philando Castile was shot and killed by police in what should have been a routine traffic stop. Knowing it would be her word against the officer’s, Reynolds decided to broadcast the situation using Facebook live. The video has been seen millions of times across the world, and now Reynolds simply wants justice.

Philando Castile Fatally Shot By Policeman in Falcon Heights, Minnesota

While sitting down this morning with GMA, Reynolds once again explained what occurred during the tragic incident. Her lawyer spared her from sharing some of the details as she has had to say it over and over again.

When asked how she remained calm, Reynolds explained that she was able to keep her composure by knowing what may have happened to her and her daughter if she had reacted. “I was able to remain calm, because I knew in the back of mind that if anything were to alarm that officer he possibly could’ve took me and maybe even my daughter.”

She went on to explain why she decided to do a live video during the incident. “What made me record the live video was God telling me it’s your word over theirs,” said Reynolds.

Philando Castile’s Mother: “We’re never free.”

Throughout the interview she maintained her composure like she has over and over again. She has such a beautiful spirit. It’s so sad to think of what she’s experienced.

Towards the end of the interview Diamond said she doesn’t believe violence is the answer. Before the interview concluded, her lawyer added on that we simply can’t have police policing police. You can see the entire interview below:

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