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It’s always an honor to talk with ministers of the Gospel. Recently Darrell Brown (in the middle of the above picture) and his group Darrell Brown Ministries (DBM) ministered at Wednesday Night Live in Washington, DC. (Wednesday Night Live is a praise experience put on by Howard University students once a month.) I was able to talk with Darrell briefly about his newly released single, how his music comes about, and his experience in the Howard Gospel Choir. Check out our conversation below:

(Beginning of Conversation)

You guys were great! Okay, so you recently released your new single, “Because You’re Worthy.” Tell me about it.

Darrell Brown: “Because You’re Worthy” is the lead single from the upcoming project that will be released in the Winter of 2016. “Because You’re Worthy” is a, hmmm what can I say… Let’s say it’s one for the church people. It’s a bangin’ praise and worship jam.

Is this the sound that we can expect from the rest of your project? 

Darrell Brown: It is the sound you can expect, but don’t limit me. I never want my music to be limited or thought as “this is all you’re going to hear.” We have some different stuff. (smiles) I can’t tell you all of it though. This song is the setup.

(another snippet from their live performance)

Cool. I can vibe with that. So who were your inspirations behind the song? Did you have any?

Darrell Brown: Honestly this song was birthed at church. We were doing Praise & Worship and that’s when I got the vamp. It was just me and my sister. We happened to be the only praise team members there on that particular Sunday.

The song just flowed out me, “I give you the glory, I give you the honor, I give you the praise, because You’re worthy.” It wasn’t until months later that I went back and wrote the rest. Many of my songs are birthed out of worship at church. Then I’ll go back later and put it together. That was one of those moments. 

You have music out now. (Darrell Brown: I do.) Is this a continuation of your previous project or a new beginning? 

Darrell Brown: It is a continuation. I released an EP last year titled “Everything To Me.” There were 5 songs on the EP, and 4 out of the 5 will be on the full project. 

You are the assistant director of the world renowned Howard Gospel Choir (HGC). (Darrell Brown: I am.) How was that shaped your art and your ministry?

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Darrell Brown: The Howard Gospel Choir, man, where do I begin. I look at HGC as great training ground. It prepares you for anything you are going to do. It’s not even just music. If you want to work in the business world, communications, or anything, I believe that this is a great training ground. It has prepared me to work with people of all ages. I learned how to be a leader and a friend at the same time. It’s just amazing preparation. It’s given me a lot of experience and exposure. There are doors that I have walked through solely because of HGC. And now later on, I’ll be able to walk through those doors with DBM.

Look at God! Won’t He Do It!? (Both: laugh) Now before you go, you have to give me five adjectives that describe yourself in the now.

Darrell Brown: Bold, Creative, (churchy) Anointed, Shy, and Silly or Goofy.

Haha! Thank you!

(Ending of Conversation)

It was so nice having the privilege to chat with Darrell! Darrell Brown Ministries aka DBM is going to go so far! You can head over to all digital music outlets and purchase Darrell’s new single “Because You’re Worthy.” Click HERE to buy it from iTunes. Don’t miss your blessing, go ahead and get that thang!

Darrell also recently had an event with DBM titled “DBM Unplugged” where the group showcased old and new songs, and also answered some questions. Check out a video from that event below: (it’s good, I promise)

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