A Charmed Reunion May Be On The Horizon

The ground-breaking series Charmed ended over a decade ago, but the fans are still pleading for more. After the failed CBS reboot, many fans are still asking daily for a movie or reunion special that will feature all of the sisters. While a Charmed reunion hasn’t been confirmed, Holly Marie Combs seems to think it’s going to happen at anytime.

Charmed Again?

Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause who respectively played the dynamic love couple Piper and Leo recently sat down in Australia to discuss the show and the likelihood of its return.  

In a recent interview with The Music, Holly recognized that the show received a proper ending, but that it is looking up that reunion may happen with the original cast. “I think the volume level is increasing and people keep asking about it and they keep tweeting CBS and Netflix, so there’s only so long, I think, they can ignore it.”

All of the girls have expressed their willingness to do the show. Even Shannen Doherty who portrayed the eldest Halliwell is on board. She believes it wouldn’t be hard to bring her character back into the sister’s world, and that if it done right, she’d totally be on board.

Do you think a Charmed reunion is closer than ever?

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