Charmed Again?

“The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free!”

Charmed still plays daily, and fans watch it faithfully to see the kick *ss sisters. The Charmed Ones will notably go down as the baddest witches to ever exist in the figurative and literal world. When they were at their strongest, they were invincible. The sisters start off as a trio with Prue, Piper, and Phoebe until Prue’s tragic death in season 3. In the beginning of season 4, Paige was introduced, and the Charmed ones continued to fight against evil for 5 more years on screen. 

When the show ended many fans weren’t ready. The 8th Season of the show was like a brand new show. Piper and Leo finally found a grove (even though he was temporarily frozen). Phoebe and Paige both found love. And we were introduced to the young, powerful Billie. One more season of the show would’ve sufficed. Some fans argue that the show should have ended with Season 7 because Season 8 left more story to tell. 

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The number one thing people wanted to see was the return of Prue. There were so many chances to work her in throughout the series, but it was never done. As far as the television series goes, Paige has still not met her big sister. Well, fans may not have to give up on that dream yet. Talks of a Charmed Movie has been circling the rumor mill for years, but it has yet to happen. The majority of the original cast have agreed that they would do a film (including all 4 sisters and Leo)

Last year many people thought the show was returning due to the hype about a Charmed announcement, but it turned out to be about a reboot. Many fans shot down the idea because they still watch the show today. Luckily talk about a movie has picked up once again since Holly Marie Combs who played Piper Halliwell tweeted out a photo asking fans if they still wanted more. 

It’s not the first time a sister witch has sent out a message to fans about a movie, but the now there is a community pushing the movement. So what can you do? You can Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, and whatever else you can do to get the word out that you want a movie! You can also like the “We Want Charmed Movie” page. Full House is back! Gilmore Girls is even coming back! Nothing is impossible in this day and time.

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