Can We See Moesha, Kim, and Niecy Together Again?


While we are still waiting on a Girlfriends Movie, is it too much to ask to get our other group of girls back together again? Moesha, Kim, and Niecy, respectively played Brandy Norwood, Countess Vaughn, and Shar Jackson, were the flyest crew of the 90s along with Hakeem who was portrayed by the late Lamont Bentley. This show was too good not to have a proper ending. To this day we still don’t know who was pregnant or what happened to Myles. And whatever happened to Kim after she sung “At Last” at the Professor’s and Nikki Parker’s wedding? It could be difficult to get Moesha back, but it may not be impossible to get a spinoff show (spinning off from Moesha and The Parkers) focusing on the group of girls.

Brandy herself doesn’t even know what happened to their characters. She told the world that on Keke Palmer’s talk show on BET.

The present would be the best time for this type of revival. Shows as old as Full House are coming back. There are even talks about another season of A Different World. The Girlfriends Movie seems like it’s on the way, so what better time to bring back people from two of the most watched Black sitcoms. It would definitely be an asset to each of their careers.

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Can’t you see it now? Kim and Niecy fly in from New York to attend Hakeem’s funeral and to comfort their girl Mo who is left to raise the child her and Hakeem had in college alone. And from there….. It’s Magic! The ratings would be through the roof! What do you think? Would you watch a new show centered on the 90s trio?


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