Looks Like The Braxton Family Christmas Album is Happening

Braxton Family Christmas

It appears that The Braxton sisters, Tamar, Towanda, Toni, Trina and Traci respectively, are finally dropping an album together. At the end of Braxton Family Values (BFV), we saw the sisters attempting to record a Christmas album, but nothing was definite. None of the sisters have confirmed anything, but the Braxton Family Christmas is available for pre-order on Target’s website.

Toni and Tamar have both previously released Christmas projects. Toni released her Christmas album Snowflakes in 2001. Tamar released her project Winter Loversland shortly after the release of her critically-acclaimed album Love And War in 2013. Hopefully from those two projects we can get a small glimpse of what the album may sound like. On Braxton Family Values, Tamar suggested to her sisters that they redo one of her arrangements from Winter Loversland. That would actually be pretty dope. We hope they found a way to put their version of “The Lord’s Prayer” on the album. Fans have been waiting to download that track for over three years.

Now we’re all waiting on a sister to speak out on this project so that we know it’s really real. The photo used for the album cover is an old BFV promotional photo, but the sisters’ busy schedules may not have allotted time for a new photo shoot. It is definitely available for pre-order here: Braxton Family Christmas. So do you believe that it is finally happening? And if so, are you excited? Weigh in below:

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