Bounce TV is Bringing The Cosby Show Back to Television

The Cosby Show is a long-running series showcasing the ins and outs of the Huxtable family. It was one of the few series that gave African-Americans more than one option in life, and it inspired millions.

When Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assaulting dozens of women, multiple networks pulled the show’s reruns. Bounce TV was one of those networks, pulling the show from its line-up in July of 2015; however, Bounce TV recently announced the show’s return to their network. It’s slated to return the week before Christmas. 

The reception has been mixed. While there are a lot of people excited about the show’s return, there are an equal amount of people upset due to Bill Cosby’s alleged assaults. I think the most important thing is to separate Bill Cosby’s character on the show from who he is in real life, because they are two different people.

As aforementioned, this show inspired millions, and the lessons are timeless. A character did not allegedly assault dozens of women, a man did; however, a character did change the trajectory of countless lives. And let’s not get into the reason this show was pulled off the air and shows like 7th Heaven that have their own controversy weren’t.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but the show does has a lot to offer. What are your thoughts on the return of The Cosby Show?

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Bryant Smith

Bryant Smith is the founder and owner of The Top Tea.

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