Will Beyoncé Tackle the Issues in ‘Formation’ During Halftime

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In true Beyoncé fashion, the singer dropped a new song and video with no warning ahead of her Super Bowl performance. The video is very Afro-Centric. It features all Black dancers, tons of natural hair, fierce dancing, and it makes multiple references to problems Blacks are facing in America. So many claps for Beyoncé! If you can decipher everything occurring in the video, you’ll realize that this song is legitimately what people having been waiting on Beyoncé to say, but you can see she said it her way. From the kid dancing in front of the police to the sinking police car, this video shows were Beyoncé stands in the face of adversity. And needless to say, it empowering.


“Pro-Black” trap song is an accurate description, but now there is a bigger thing. It’s been confirmed by multiple sources that Beyoncé will be performing “Formation” during the halftime show at Super Bowl 50. The big question is: Will the live performance bring awareness to issues like the video did? Beyoncé has a chance to hit the entire United States with essentially the “Black Lives Matter” movement. I don’t know what to expect from her performance, but it’s going to be dicey. This could potentially be a huge moment for equality.

And I’m excited to see it! If you haven’t seen the “Formation” video, check it out below. (How do you think she’ll tackle the performance?)


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