Anthony Brown & group therAPy Release Everyday Jesus (Album Review)

Everyday Jesus

Anthony Brown and group therAPy have officially released their sophomore album, Everyday Jesus, and we absolutely love it. This is one of the best modern-day Gospel albums since Tasha Cobb’s debut Grace.

There is not one song to skip on the album, and the sales are proving that. It is has been doing amazing on iTunes for a Gospel album. Anthony Brown shared this post on Instagram displaying his amazement and thankfulness:

The album opens up with “Bless The Lord.” The song says, “Whatever happened yesterday, was yesterday. Right now, you have a chance to make a change.” Amen to that.

The album continues to flow perfectly until track 4. “Worth Reprise” shuts it down. It is without doubt our favorite song on the entire live project. It’s authentic. The worship is real. You can feel the anointing, and the vocals are out of this world.

The title track follows “Worth Reprise,” and it is so smooth. It’s the type of Gospel song you will hear playing on the radio on Sunday and everyday of the week while still delivering the message.

Brown and group therAPy continue to give an album that people interested in different styles of Gospel can enjoy with “What He’s Done (I’m the One).” All the southern church goers will get their life with this nice foot stompin’ song.

“Deserved” is one of the most touching songs on the project. It reminds us to thank God for never giving us what we truly deserve.

“Free” gives us a “Spiritual” by Donald Lawrence vibe. That Crystal Rucker knows she can sing. This is easily a favorite.

The album closes with “Grateful People” featuring Darrel Walls of The Walls Group followed by a radio edit of “Worth.”

This is an amazing project. It is an easy 5 stars out of 5 stars. Anthony Brown has more than solidified his place in Gospel music. Do yourself a favor, and purchase Everyday Jesus here.

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