Another Day, Another Unarmed Black Man Shot

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In North Charleston, South Carolina, a video has surfaced of a police officer shooting an unarmed fleeing man which has contradicted his initial report of the incident. The video is below:

Watch this video at your own discretion. The video contains Walter L. Scott being shot in the back by Officer Michael T. Slagger. It also contains the officer placing Mr. Scott in handcuffs after he is lying face flat on the ground and leaving him that way. 

Now let’s be real. If you want to read an official write up of this situation click here -> South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death (New York Times)  <- , because we’re about to talk about this incident.

It literally makes ZERO sense. I’m happy that the man will be charged. It is great that the majority of people see this police officer as a murder, but if the video hadn’t surfaced that wouldn’t have been the case. The people chanting “Black Lives Matter” would’ve have been deemed racist and ignorant. The cop would’ve walked away with no charges, because the majority of America would’ve believed every word he said. FOX News would’ve talked about how “Black” people need to stop doing things that get them killed. They probably would’ve found something the man that was murdered did 20 years ago that made him deserve to die today. People all across America would’ve got on Social Media and explained how he should not have reached for the taser or tried to run away with it. And if you don’t believe me, wait a few more days for the next person to be shot by a trigger happy police officer where there is no footage….

I want you to think about three things:

1) What was this officer doing everyday to innocent people before he was caught on camera?

2) Does this change what you thought about other cases that have been in the national spotlight?

3) What could Mr. Scott have done tomorrow with his life?

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