Another Day, Another Unarmed Black Man Shot: Eric Harris


The internet exploded last night after a video surfaced from the Tulsa, Oklahoma, shooting where another unarmed Black Man was shot by a policeman.

Eric Harris was shot by a 73-year-old officer, Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, that claims he accidentally shot him and that he meant to use his taser.

After being shot, while being held on the ground and dying, you can hear Mr. Harris screaming, “He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath.” Then you hear one of the officers respond with, “F*ck your breath! Shut the f*ck up!” Here is the recording of the incident below. WARNING- Watch the video at your own discretion:

New York Daily News (NYDN) reported that Mr. Harrison bolted from officers who were trying to arrest him for selling a 9 mm. semiautomatic pistol and ammunition to undercover cops.

After the incident occurred, the Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark said at a news conference that he was “absolutely a threat when going down.” NYDN also reported that Sgt. Dave Walker told the Tulsa World that police “would not investigate the death unless the sheriff’s office asked them to, and they have not asked us to.”

One commenter on the New York Daily News had this to say:

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, something has to be done.

Side note: Some people on social media believe radical retaliation is needed for a radical change. Slavery didn’t end with a law being written…. Does that hold any truth?


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