Ann Coulter Reads Raven-Symoné on The View

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Ann Coulter is one of those people that you love or you hate. She’s been making headlines recently for supporting the (idiotic) presidential candidate Donald Trump. She’s been agreeing with some of his outlandish proposals for handling immigrants into this country that happened to be founded by thieving immigrants…. (that’s a different conversation)

While on The View this morning, the opinionated woman checked the mess out of Ms. Raven-Symoné. Ann Coulter deflected Raven’s question about her recent comments, and did it in a way where people didn’t  even realize it. She threw some good-ole fashioned shade.

The women were discussing her new book when Raven cut off Coutler and told her, “My mom taught me when I was younger that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all… Why do you think it’s important to mudsling and have this words that obviously touch the hearts and souls of so many people in America?” That shady Ann hit her back with, “I’m at least talking about policy. You’re talking about what people’s name should be.” (takes a moment to gather edges)

Wooh Lawd. People are still not over Raven’s remarks about not hiring people with “ghetto names,” and even though the actress has since issued an apology, it appears that many social media users were happy that Ann Coutler read Raven for filth. Now don’t let Coutler’s shade at Raven dismiss the points that Raven was making. Ann Coutler is no better. You can see how her words were affecting the other cohosts. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Check out the full video below:


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