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Tamar Braxton-Herbert was rushed to hospital yesterday before she was to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Reportedly she has battling pneumonia for over 2 weeks. After her dress rehearsal on set yesterday, her husband Vincent Herbert rushed her to the hospital. TMZ first broke the news, but the DWTS twitter account confirmed that she had indeed been hospitalized.

The rumor mill immediately began to say that she had been eliminated; however, the judges judged her dress rehearsal with her partner Val keeping her safe for the first part of the show. This sent some of the DWTS fans into a frenzy, because Kim Zolciak was eliminated earlier in the season for not being present to dance. The difference with her situation was that Kim was not able to record a dress rehearsal, so there was nothing to show in her absence. 

Like the phenomenal woman she is, Tamar was able to make it in time from the Hospital and perform her partnered dance with fellow contestant Nick Carter. She was able to avoid elimination and continue on in the competition, and this pissed people off. Well you know what, it’s time to talk about this, because it seems to be a particular group of people saying the same things over and over again. 

Check out comments from people on the Dancing With The Stars official Facebook page:

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Let’s not act like we don’t really know why the majority of the fans on the page don’t like her, why they didn’t care that she was sick, and why they are all of a sudden forgetting the rules they whine about week after week. DWTS and it’s fans did the same thing to Brandy when she was on the show. 

I personally want to know how Tamar is rude and arrogant in regards to DWTS? From day 1, a multitude of fans have not liked her. They have said she was rude to her partner even though Val has publicly said she isn’t. Tamar not bowing down and agreeing to everything Val says doesn’t make angry. She just has different opinions. 

So now if you do anything other than Dancing With The Stars, you shouldn’t be on the show? That’s just dumb.

And how is she a Drama Queen? How? These comments only exemplify what America consistently tries to hide (figure that out yourself). To be correct, she waltzed in from the Hospital and still slayed and made it safe to the next round. There was no favoritism given or any rules broken. Tamar more than deserved to be safe.

You can say what you want to say, but it’s just downright distasteful how some of these people are talking about Tamar. The Shade Room posted a video of Tamar dancing last night and below is a comment from one of their followers:

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It is definitely baffling, but thank God some people can see she deserves her spot on the show.

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Here’s to the people sitting in their house mad right now:


You go Tamar! You are killing it! You are awesome, and even the haters know it! Jeannie Mai, friend and co-host of The Real with Tamar, put this up last night: “Her spirit cannot, Shall not, be broken. I dont know many women who push thru like Tamar Braxton-Herbert did today. Still smh. Mom, wife, cohost, singer, and 2nite a Dancing QUEEN.”

Boom. That’s all folks. Check out Tamar’s incredible performance from last night below:


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