Amelia and Owen Are Getting Married

Amelia and Owen are officially getting married! It’s crazy right? They’ve been dealing with each other for a few years now, but they just made things official like a week ago. 

In last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a lot of shocking things occurred, but one thing that we all could’ve gone without was Meredith attacking Amelia. Meredith told Amelia that she needed to get her own life. Now everyone knows Meredith lost her husband, but it’s annoying how Meredith asks like Amelia didn’t lose her brother. And she can’t use her loss as excuse to belittle people whenever she feels the need. 

Throughout the episode the hypothetical situation of Amelia and Owen getting married kept popping up, but at the end Amelia proposed to Owen. And next week’s promo shows that the couple is getting hitched soon. The only thing that could make next week’s episode better is the surprise arrival on Cristina Yang.

Who’s looking forward to the season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy?

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