Alesha Reneé: The Inspirational Girl Behind The Code

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You most likely know from her from MTV’s hit shows Guy Code and Girl Code, but Alesha Reneé is much more than a comical advice giver. She has drive. She has a purpose. And she has a future.

Alesha recently stopped by Howard University’s Homecoming to speak on an Educational Panel, and I had the chance to speak with her about her current endeavors and obstacles in Hollywood that we still have to face.

(Beginning of Conversation)

You were on Guy Code, and now you’re on Girl Code. How was that journey?

Alesha Reneé: The journey from Guy Code to Girl Code was very much so welcomed. Speaking to men from a women’s perspective is one thing, but talking to my ladies and having a sisterhood is totally different. It’s something that I really enjoy. I am woman. I mean I am guy’s girl, but I’m a champion of women. Being able to have a voice to speak about women issues are great and to do it from a comedic perspective is even better.

The show is funny.

Alesha Reneé: We’re a little a funny (laughs). Thank you so much.

Where do you see the show going in the future?

Alesha Reneé: I don’t know how many more episodes they are going to do of Girl Code. I mean we can’t have Girl Code season 50 (both of us: laugh).  You know what I mean? *jokes* If you ain’t got it figured it out, that’s a problem (ha). I’m not sure. However long they are opening to having me, it would be a blessing to do it, because I love it. The idea is that one opportunity sets up for another one, so that of course is the goal. Which brings me to acting.

So what are you working on right now? What’s your next project?

Alesha Reneé: Auditions right now. I’m on hold for two different projects. I was hoping to have heard something from the main one that I’m on hold for because that would be a great conversation piece for now (Me: Ha, right!), but God will have it his way. That is what’s happening at this moment. I’m just auditioning.

On the topic of auditioning, while on stage you mentioned that you were turned down a role for being to dark. Can you shed any light on that?

Alesha Reneé: Yeah. It happens a lot in acting. It can be that you’re too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, too light, or too dark. I think it’s just a little more hurtful when you get it from your people. It was a project that was casted by Blacks, so to be told that I was to dark for something… It was a very tough pill to swallow. I’m a fervent believer that our words produce fruit, so I’m going to choose my next words very wisely.

There are already hurdles in front of us, especially being a woman and a woman of color. It’s more hurtful when those hurdles are being placed by your own people. We’re all running the very same race. And if the idea is to get more of us out there, why are you placing more hurdles in front of us? If I can do the job, and I did a great job, plus I know did a great job at it, why will it not go further? Because I’m too dark? Okay. I own my Blackness. Every inch of it. 

You’re apart of my Black Is Beautiful.

Alesha Reneé: I am all apart of my Black Is Beautiful. I’m very much so all about us. That no (referring to audition above) was probably the greatest yes I could’ve gotten in my life, because it really stripped me of trying to morph myself into what Hollywood thinks I should look like. Because if my own people would say this, I don’t even want to think about what Hollywood would look at me as. So I’m just going to be the best me that I can be inside and out. I’m going to do the best job I can every time I get into room, because even auditioning is a blessing. Not everyone gets a call to audition. I’m going to take my no’s as a yes. And whenever I get faced with ignorance in feedback, if it’s about my craft, that’s a different conversation. But if it’s about something that God gave me I have no control over it. I love me. Every shade of it. I just remove myself from being defined by those things. 

Wow. I read a quote earliest this week that said, “A failure is never a failure if you enjoy the process.”

Alesha Reneé: You have to. You have to enjoy the process. And like I told the actors today during the forum, that no is probably the greatest yes I could’ve gotten. Because it hit me. It really has nothing to do with me. You can tell me no for the stupidest reason. So why I am going to bust my *ss to get white girl skinny or bleach my skin, because the next role will be you’re too light. It’s always you’re to something. It’s fine. Because that no is just leading me to where I’m destined to get my next yes.

Amen. Now I like ask people to give me 5 adjectives that describe themselves. Can you give me 5?

Alesha Reneé: (Laughs) God-fearing, Purposed, Strong, Funny, and Resilient. 

Yeah. That’s good. That’s really good.

Alesha Reneé: Yeah. I meant that to.


Alesha Reneé: Did you feel that?

I felt that.

Alesha Reneé: I know you did.

(Laughs) Amen.

Alesha Reneé: Yeah man, that’s right (laughs).

(Conclusion of Conversation)

Ms. Reneé spoke so much truth. It’s impossible for me to highlight my favorite part. She has an amazing spirit, and it was honor to be able to speak with her. This is a major shout out to someone’s future is so bright: Alesha Reneé.

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