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PLL Face to Face

Got a secret. Can you keep it? A is _______. Well we don’t know, but after over 5 years of waiting, fans will finally know who A is! How many times have we all heard this? Just about every season and mid-season finale, but this time is suppose to be different.

Over the years everyone has been a possible fit for A, even some of the Pretty Little Liars, but the wait is officially over. Tonight we will know who Big A, Redcoat, and Black Widow are. Marlene King confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that it is indeed more than one person behind all three masks.

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One of the biggest theories circulating the web is that Wren is A, Red Coat is Melissa, and Black Widow is…. Maya! Crazy right? Who knows?! This episode is sure to bring surprises. And don’t forget about the time jump.

Pretty Little Liars is suppose to jump 5 years into the future tonight. Sasha Pieterse  told TV Line that the show will be completely different. “When we go to the flashforward, which is five years later, we literally reinvent our show.”

After years of dedication, are you ready to know who A is? Tell us who you think it is below!

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is literally minutes away! Make sure to tune in!

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