5 Tips for Upcoming College Freshman

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What’s up Freshman! You are about to embark on a four (hopefully four) year journey that is going to revolutionize your life. Here are five tips to keep in mind this summer as you are preparing for college:

1. You Need To Save Up

BrokeTake it easy on your spending this summer. It may be too late to pick up a summer job if you don’t already have one, but try! There are so many expenses when you get to school. Even if you have a full ride to your school of choice, you’re still going to have to spend money. And if your parents are able to help, eventually they will get tired of giving you money (that doesn’t mean they’ll stop helping) and you’ll get tired of asking.

2. Don’t Trust Your Roommate Too Fast

Chile Please

I’m not saying be rude, but if you have a roommate that you’ve never met before, don’t be so quick to trust them around your things. You’ll find yourself looking for your things everywhere, and it’ll be sitting in their drawer *sips tea*. Take the time to get to know them.

3. Do Not Go Home Every Weekend

Don't DO IT

This is one of the worst things you can do. If you are close enough to home where you can go over the weekend (unless your circumstances call you to do so), DON’T DO IT every single weekend! You are messing up your college experience. The dorm life is designed to transition you from your parents to living completely on your own. You are not helping yourself if you run home to Mommy and Daddy every five seconds.

4. Attempt To Keep Your Reputation Intact


If having *fun* is what you like to do, I’m not going to knock you for it, but don’t be looking all depressed when no one wants to really be with you and just wants to take a cookie out of your jar. No tea, no shade. Trust, your “thotness” will not be a secret….

5. Be Social


Don’t misquote me! Your reason for being at college is to get what, “A DEGREE!”, but you cannot just sit in your room all day. You need to study, do your work, and be on top of things, but you also have to be active. Join organizations, teams, and so much more. Go to the parties on Friday night. You don’t have to compromise who you are to have fun, but you need to have FUN!

The time is approaching soon Class of 2019!

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