LAPD Officer Forcefully Moves Around 13-Year-Old Boy Before Discharging Weapon

Protests have erupted in Anaheim, California, in response to a altercation that occurred on Tuesday, February 21st involving an off-duty LAPD officer and a child. The occurrence involves the officer (who’s name hasn’t been released) forcefully moving a 13-year-old Latino boy across multiple properties after he alleged the boy said he would shoot him. This incident was partially captured on video.

According to eye witnesses and the account of the 13-year-old boy, the altercation began when the officer yelled at a girl to get off his lawn calling her a c*nt in the process. The boy allegedly responded telling the officer to treat the girl with respect. After words were shared, the officer allegedly said he would do something to the boy, and the boy responded by saying, “Try it, and I’ll sue you.” The officer then allegedly twisted the words and said the boy said he was going to shoot him. The accounts go on to say he attacked the boy and then begin forcefully dragging him around. This is where the recording starts. You can watch the full video below:

The recording shows the boy forcefully being moved around by the officer pleading to be let go. Everyone else that appears in the video seems to be there defending the boy. At one point, a kid swings at the officer in hopes of the officer letting go of the boy. Instead the officer drags the boy over some bushes, pulls out a gun and fires it. No one was hit by the bullet. In the end, the 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy were arrested. They were eventually released to their parents. The officer was not arrested. 

There aren’t words to describe how heart wrenching the video footage is. You literally see a helpless boy dragged by someone that is sworn to protect. This officer committed assault, deadly conduct, and kidnapping, yet he’s free on paid leave. It’s important to note that this is apart of routine procedure. Another part of the routine procedure is for the LAPD to conduct its own internal investigation regarding the officer’s actions (go figure). This will probably lead to the cop continuing his job with no punishment.

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