2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace: Truuuuuuu

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.59.24 PMNancy Grace and Tauheed Epps, otherwise known as 2 Chainz, went head to head tonight live on HLN which will go down in HLN history. Grace had the rapper on her show to discuss the legalization of pot, and the man with the college degree, who obtained a 4.0 I might add, held it down (P.O.P.).

Nancy Grace kept crying the same line, “What About The Children”, while 2 Chainz discredited her notion and explained how legalizing marijuana could potentially benefit the United States as a whole.

At one point Grace asked 2 Chainz did he smoke while he was playing basketball in High School, and he answered no, he was selling it. TRUUUUUU! LOL!!

Overall, 2 Chainz successfully defended why the legalization of marijuana is not a bad thing. It seems like what Nancy should really be arguing for is stronger laws against Child Abuse. Check out some parts of the interview below:

P.S.: There is no way you should be able to watch this videos and not laugh once!


Now what do you guys think? Rappers ‘ain’t dumb you know….. Rhyming is hard. HAHA!

– B. Smith


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