Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ Breaks Record for Streaming Giant

Netflix’s suspenseful film Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes has broken a record for the streaming giant.

Over 45 millions Netflix accounts have already watched the Netflix original, making it the best first seven days ever for a Netflix film!

The film follows Bullock’s character Malorie taking a trip down a treacherous river with her two children blindfolded to find a possible safe haven in order to escape a mysterious force that makes you kill yourself when you see it. In between scenes of Malorie and her kids on the river, the film shows the moments that led to the journey.

The movie is incredible, but social media played a huge part in its success. Tweets and memes reached millions across social networks making watching the film a cultural phenomenon.

But the success is well deserved. Congratulations to Netflix, Bullock, Rhodes and the entire cast and crew.

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