Is Beyoncé Taking Ledisi’s Moment

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Beyoncé is all set to sing at the 2015 Grammys, but should she be performing? I ran across a post on Madame Noire by Veronica Wells discussing how Beyoncé unintentionally stole a moment from the songstress Ledisi. And it made a lot of sense! (Click here to see their post) 

Recently the actor/rapper Common confirmed that Queen B would be performing at the Grammys. Here is what he said:

“We do have an incredible introduction to our performance. A segue into our song ‘Glory,’ as a tribute to Selma, being done by the great Beyoncé. That’s one of the greatest talents you can have, helping us segue into it. To co-create a performance with someone like her. It’s good.”

Beyoncé will be singing  “Take My Hand Precious Lord” by the late great Mahalia JacksonWhat’s funny is that Ledisi is the one that sung the song in the movie “Selma”. (excuse me, sang) Why would Beyoncé replace Ledisi for the segue into “Glory”? Is Common or John Legend being replaced? Let me answer it for you…. No they aren’t.

I guess Ledisi is being replaced because Beyoncé has a bigger name than her. Let’s not forget that Beyonce’s skin is lighter and her hair is more …. ‘mainstream’. Lastly Beyoncé will sing the song, but Ledisi would’ve slayed the song. I love Bey so I’m not knocking her. That girl can sang her face off. She is definitely more than just a performer. I just that think she will deliver a prettier version of the song than Ledisi would’ve, and that’s a big reason she was chosen. Ledisi might’ve brought in the Holy Ghost, and they aren’t ready for that…..

— Beyoncé I hope you prove me wrong!

Why do you think Beyoncé was chosen over Ledisi? Tell me what you think below…

– B. Smith


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