Brandy, Fantasia, and Jazmine Sullivan Are Working on a Song

Update: The buzz is that the ladies will be collaborating on a “Beggin & Pleadin” remix. The song was recently released by Brandy.

OMG! Shut up! It cannot be true. This is a dream come true for millions of people. It looks like Brandy, Fantasia, and Jazmine Sullivan are all collaborating on a song. SAY WHAT!? I know! I’m excited too. This song has the potential to go down as the best collaboration in R&B History.

Now it hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the speculation started after Brandy posted a photo of Jazmine Sullivan and Fantasia saying they were her faves.

Brandy’s post was followed by a post from Fantasia where she shared how she’d just got off the phone with Brandy. She went on to @ Jazmine and Brandy saying, “Let’s give the people this song.”

Now I don’t know what that sounds like to you, but it seems like our prayers are about to be answered. Fans have been waiting years for Jazmine Sullivan and Brandy to hop on a track together, but now Fantasia is going to be on it too? MAN! Can you imagine what it’s going to sound like? And then what it’ll be like when they perform it live?

Who else is excited?

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